ny JT – Jul 27,202

AMMAN — The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan has launched an initiative to oversee and protect sea turtles in the Gulf of Aqaba and joined national efforts to preserve sea wealth in Aqaba, Society Acting CEO Mohammed Tawaha said on Wednesday.  

Tawaha said that the society provided a special page on its website to watch sea turtles, noting that the page will be circulated over the upcoming days and includes all relevant information, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. 

He added that divers or those who practise any marine sport who observe sea turtles can access the e-page and fill personal information and data related to the site of spotting sea turtles, in addition to the ability of uploading a photo of these sea animals if available.

These data will be sent directly to stakeholders and those interested in protecting marine resources and biodiversity, Tawaha said, noting that the data will help make decisions concerned with various administration plans.

He pointed out that this initiative aims at engaging societal sectors and helping experts and specialists through offering them miscellaneous environmental information, and, at the same time, increasing awareness of endangered species or those that need special attention.