By JT – Dec 07,2022

AMMAN — The Water Ministry’s Jordan Valley Authority (JVA) and USAID have signed an agreement implementing efforts to reduce water loss at the King Abdullah Canal over a distance of eight kilometres. 

USAID contributed $9.5 million, and the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) contributed $950,000 to the project, a ministry statement said on Tuesday.

Water Minister Mohammed Najjar attended the signing ceremony for the three-year project. 

The project’s primary objectives include reducing water loss, increasing the efficiency of water resources and improving the infrastructure of water networks within the JVA’s jurisdiction, the statement said.

The project also seeks to reduce the canal’s water loss, which currently stands at 25.4 per cent. Illicit use constitutes 54 per cent of this water loss. The scheme will renovate 12 kilometres of the northern portion of the 65-kilometre canal, which is projected to save approximately 3.3 million cubic metres of water annually to be used for drinking and irrigation.

The agreement was signed during an official ceremony by JVA Secretary General Manar Mahasneh and Acting USAID Mission Director Margaret Spears. During the ceremony, Najjar said that the agreement is part of a broader slate of projects intended to reduce water loss, increase available water for drinking and irrigation and develop water facilities in the Jordan Valley.

He also expressed appreciation on behalf of the ministry and WAJ for the “great and continuous” support offered by the US government to help combat the Kingdom’s water challenges.