Jun 24,2023

AMMAN – Nizar Haddad, the director general of the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), has highlighted the centre’s endeavours to enhance expertise and research in camel husbandry by integrating advanced technology to adapt to climate change impacts and transfer the know-how to farmers.

This came during a meeting with experts from the Arab Centre for the Studies of Arid and Dry Lands (ACSAD) that witnessed the participation of Abdel Moneim Al Yassin, director of the Animal Health Programme, Adnan Al Asaad, director of the Camel Programme, and Zuhair Al Ahmad, director of the Artificial Insemination and Embryos Transfer Programme, according to a NARC statement.

Haddad indicated that NARC is looking forward to strengthening effective partnership with ACSAD in many fields, particularly in flora and fauna, especially in arid and semi-arid lands. The goal is to unify regional efforts for developing agricultural scientific research and exchanging expertise

The ACSAD delegation appreciated the role of NARC in developing agricultural scientific research, technology transfer and experience-sharing.