Environmental Protection Ministry says no reports were received about pollution in the area, and experts believe since these are non-commercial fish, were likely discarded by fishermen

Noa Fisher, Assaf Kamar|09.26.23 

Thousands of dead fish have been spotted on one of the beaches in Hadera in recent days. A dead sea- turtle was also found in the area, and the Nature and Parks Authority said that its death is unrelated to the fish. The Environmental Protection Ministry estimated that since these fish were not of commercial use, they were likely discarded by fishermen.

Shelly Goldsmith, a travel blogger, shared her distress, saying, “This morning, I headed towards Hadera beach, which is a beautiful spot. As I reached the shore, I saw large quantities of dead fish scattered along the beach, numbering in the thousands. I also noticed a dead sea turtle. I realized that pollution must have caused this.”

דגים מתים בחוף בחדרה

Goldsmith added, “It’s truly a terrible and heartbreaking sight. This is not the first time we’ve witnessed such a horrifying phenomenon with thousands of dead fish washing up on the shore. It’s a sorrowful morning.”

צב ים מת בחדרה

According to the Environmental Protection Ministry, “In recent days, reports were received about dead fish on Hadera’s beach. The images were sent to Dr. Nir Stern from the Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research, who identified them as young and non-endangered fish. The small size of these fish indicates that they were likely discarded by fishermen. The ministry and other authorities are not aware of any pollution in the area that could have caused the fish deaths.”