By JT – Jun 03,2024

AMMAN — Secretary General of the Jordan Valley Authority Hisham Hisa, has urged citizens and farmers living near water bodies, dams, and the King Abdullah Canal in the Jordan Valley not to approach or swim in these non-designated areas.

Secretary General of the Jordan Valley urges citizens and farmers living near water bodies, dams, and the King Abdullah Canal in the Jordan Valley not to approach or swim (JT File photo)

The warning came due to the noticeable rise in temperatures, as it poses a significant risk to their lives.

In a statement issued on Monday, Hisa emphasised the necessity for farmers, agricultural unit owners, and residents in agricultural areas to clean the entrances of agricultural units and the surrounding areas of weeds to reduce the occurrence of fires. 

He stressed the importance of taking the necessary measures amid rising temperatures to protect their crops and properties.

Hisa also called on farmers and citizens in the Jordan Valley areas to cooperate with the staff of the Jordan Valley Authority, which is fully prepared to provide assistance and cooperation through its directorates.

He urged them to contact the control centre of the Jordan Valley Authority at the following phone numbers: (053570594) or (0780469438).—%20Secretary%20General%20of%20the,in%20these%20non%2Ddesignated%20areas.

PSD Advocates Precautionary Measures Amid Climbing Temperatures – Fananews

Amman, June 2 (Petra) – The Public Security Directorate (PSD) has underscored the critical importance of heeding precautionary advice and guidelines to forestall incidents of heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and fires amidst the ongoing rise in temperatures today and over the coming two days, as reported by relevant authorities.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the PSD affirmed its preparedness to address any emergent situations and extend assistance amidst prevailing hot and arid air mass. It urged the citizens to steer clear of direct sun exposure, particularly in Aqaba and the Jordan Valley, to mitigate the risk of heat-related ailments.

Moreover, it implored individuals to maintain proper hydration by consuming ample fluids, particularly water, and to opt for lightweight, breathable attire.

The Directorate stressed the imperative of not leaving unattended children in vehicles, and cautioned against storing flammable items within, including sanitizers, gas canisters, lighters, and perfumes.

Emphasizing the significance of protective headgear and scheduled breaks, especially for those engaged in prolonged outdoor activities, the PSD also underscored the importance of supervising children and limiting their exposure to direct sunlight.

Further advisories included avoiding electrical circuit overload by judiciously operating appliances such as air conditioners and fans on designated power sources. It also urged the safe disposal of cigarette remnants and advised against venturing into dense vegetation areas that serve as habitats for reptiles such as scorpions and snakes.

The Directorate reiterated the paramount importance of promptly contacting the unified emergency phone number 911 if the need arises.