Oct 06,2020

AMMAN — The caretaker government on Monday expressed keenness to rehabilitate the “Pepsi Pool” in Russeifa and turn it into parks and recreational facilities. 

The infamous “Pepsi Pool”, a cesspit which sits in the heart of a populated and industrialised area east of Russeifa, is known to be highly contaminated with industrial and domestic wastewater.

Residents of the area around the “Pepsi Pool” suffer from foul odours, mosquitoes and insects due to the stagnant water in the pool, which has accumulated as a result of sewage, household connections, water leaking from factories and rainwater.

Industrial dumping, mainly by the mineral and soft drink industries, and wastewater leaked from residential areas created a dangerous situation. During winter, rainfall would often cause the pit to overflow into the surrounding residential area, increasing the hazard to citizens and workers.

During a meeting at the Prime Ministry, attended by Amman Mayor Yousef Shawarbeh, Director General of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) Yahya Khaled, Prime Minister in the caretaker government Omar Razzaz highlighted the importance of the project.

Razzaz stressed that the government will follow through with the project to resolve the 30-year old issue.

Shawarbeh briefed Razzaz on the executive stages of the JD12-million project, noting that it will commence in April of 2021, pending finalising designs of the 18-month project, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The director of the RSCN highlighted the importance of water treatment and optimising the region through turning it from a “challenge” to “an environment suitable for citizens”, similar to the Azraq Reserve and other environmental areas that the society has worked on, highlighting the global experiences in this regard, Petra added.