Oct 14,2022

The French Institute in Jordan in partnership with the Irish and French embassies organised the ‘Mode Eco-responsible’ fashion show on Wednesday to mark the occasion of Environment and Climate Week (Photos by Osama Aqarbeh)

AMMAN — Showcasing the potential for contemporary fashion to be sustainable, local Jordanian designers and models came together to conduct an eco-friendly fashion show in the capital on Wednesday.

Marking the occasion of Environment and Climate Week, The French Institute in Jordan in partnership with the Irish and French embassies organised the “Mode Eco-responsible” fashion show, which focused on the environmental impact of the clothing industry.

The event challenged designers to use recycled and used clothing in line with contemporary international fashion standards.

Local designers Second base, Venus Orfali, Sarkis Sarkis, B bags by Louisa and Lulu’s Box participated in the show. 

“People are buying 60 per cent more clothing now compared to 15 years ago,” said Laëtitia Barbe, deputy director of the French Institute.

She added that clothing’s duration of wear has decreased by more than 50 per cent within the last decade and a half. 

“In order to produce one cotton T-shirt, it requires using enough water for someone to take 70 baths!” Barbe added.  

Furthermore, she pointed out that four per cent of the water available on our planet is used solely for clothing production. 

She also encouraged young people to make more responsible, ecological, durable and sustainable choices for the sake of preserving the environment. 

“Exchanging old clothing, second-hand shopping or just simply using what you already have are simple ways to preserve the environment,” said Barbe.

“The fashion industry contributes almost 10 per cent of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions,” read a statement by the French Institute. 

The statement added that the industry produces about 20 per cent of the world’s wastewater. 

“It also consumes more energy than the aviation and shipping industries combined,” said the statement.