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Refugees exacerbate water crisis in Middle East [GulfNews]

Influx of people displaced by conflicts across borders has led to an increase in the number of water-insecure areas. by JUMANA KHAMIS || MARCH 22, 2015 || Source: Gulf News Amman: The number of Syrian refugees arriving in Jordan is 1.5 million. This is equivalent to the volume of people arriving from Canada to the […]

The Dirty Weather Report – 24 Hours of Reality – Middle East

The Dirty Weather Report is featuring a 24-hour program about climate change between November 14-15.  Segment 5 hour 16 is about the Middle East. segment 5 / hour 16: 14:00 November 15, 2012: Middle East Overview: Throughout the Middle East, access to freshwater and drought are creating flashpoints for conflict between governments and […]

UfM supports the development of a Mediterranean water data system

Barcelona, 6th November, 2012. Union for the Mediterranean This potential project, which responds to the need for reliable shared data and free flow of information, is a necessary basic tool for the integrated management and planning of Mediterranean water resources at a national or international level. Bringing together promoters and water experts form the initial […]

Thirst for water a sinking point at Israel-Palestine talks [RTCC]

3 January 2012. By Tierney Smith Source: Responding to Climate Change (RTCC) Talks this week between Israeli and Palestinian officials end a 16-month long stalemate between the two parties. These stalled in 2010 after Israel refused to renew a partial freeze on Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, but as talks begin looking to […]

A thirst for peace – Irish Times

A proposed alliance modelled on the European Union could help Middle Eastern and North African countries to share scarce resources – such as water – and bring long-term stability to the region by John Reynolds, August 26, 2011 As an uncertain future hangs over Arab Spring countries, such as Syria and Egypt, and drought and […]

Horizon 2020: hands on training targets wastewater treatment and reuse in Lebanon and Jordan

Horizon 2020: hands on training targets wastewater treatment and reuse in Lebanon and Jordan ENPI info center [18-04-2011] Two training courses on wastewater treatment and reuse have been held in Lebanon and Jordan, within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Capacity Building/MEP project, by the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and the Arab Countries Water […]

What does the Arab world do when its water runs out?

Water usage in north Africa and the Middle East is unsustainable and shortages are likely to lead to further instability – unless governments take action to solve the impending crisis By John Vidal The Observer, Sunday 20 February 2011 Poverty, repression, decades of injustice and mass unemployment have all been cited as causes of the […]

The Arab World’s Triple Crisis [Project Syndicate]

By Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed 2011-02-15 LONDON – Economic want and inequality, as much as political repression, incited the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions. It is, of course, to be hoped that new governments in these countries, and other Arab leaders, will better address ordinary people’s grievances. But a mere change of government will not make these […]

Prices Rise As Drought Conditions Worsen In Israel [NPR]

NPR – National Puclic Radio (US) December 2, 2010  link to NPR original It’s been the hottest year on record in Israel and other parts of the Middle East, and it’s set to become one of the driest. The much anticipated November rains did not arrive. And the drought is causing all sorts of problems. […]

Environmental group proposes water management model [JPost]

By EHUD ZION WALDOKS 01/12/2010. Link to the JPost original article Friends of the Earth-Middle East, a cross-border environmental organization, suggests joint management of shared resources by Israelis and Palestinians. Friends of the Earth-Middle East – a cross-border environmental organization with representation in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority – offered a new model for […]

“Environmental Impacts Know No Boundaries”: Marine environment program – EcoOcean

“Environmental Impacts Know No Boundaries”: Marine environment program to bring on board students from Israel, Palestinian Territories, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy Herzliya, October 19, 2010 – A unique marine environment training program is set to bring together graduate students from across the Mediterranean basin – including Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Italy […]

Turkey halts all state energy and water projects with Israel – Haaretz

Turkish minister names Manavgat water project, which would transport up to 50 million cubic meters of water a year from Turkey to Israel as halted project. By Guy Grimland and Ora Coren Turkey’s minister of energy and natural resources, Taner Yildiz, announced yesterday that there will be no new energy or water projects with […]

Mubarak, African leaders review Nile River issues – Jerusalem Post By ASSOCIATED PRESS 05/23/2010 16:35 Egypt considers agreement on “red line” issue, compromise on “historic” water rights. CAIRO — Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Sunday discussed with his counterpart from the Congo and the prime Minster of Kenya the lingering crisis over sharing the waters of the Nile river. Egypt said it is carefully […]

Crisis on the Nile Asharq Alawsat 21/04/2010 By Osman MirghaniBecause water is the source of life, it was not odd to hear Dr. Mufid Shahab, Egypt’s Minister of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs say that “Egypt’s water security and its historical rights to the water of the River Nile is a matter of life and death that cannot be ignored.” This […]